Crafts Fun and a little Pixie Dust

Crafts Fun and a little Pixie Dust
Askig Me Why I Create Is Like Asking Me Why I BREATHE

Teacher/Holiday Earrings

Teacher/Holiday Earring Gifts

GTU Friday May 22, 2015




Jewelry tools

Bead tray

Seed beads

Jump rings

I like to lay my beads out on my tray to see what order I want them in.
Get your head pin and start layering the beads on with some findings in between each bead.
With your round nose pliers bend the end of the head pin around till it reaches the other side and snip off the excess with your cutters.
With the loop of the earrings there is a loop that opens up, carefully open the end and add your beaded earring onto the loop and close it so it doesn’t fall off.


I like to add all kinds of findings on the end of my earrings like feathers, hearts and seed beads; you just add a jump ring and add them to the loop in the bottom of your headpin.

4 of July "BLING"


4 of July hair “BLING”




Pipe cleaners


Hot glue

Hole punch

$ of July garland

I first take apart all my flowers and punch a hole in the middle of the flower with a hole punch.
Next I take 2 white pipe cleaners and twist the two together to make a circle
I thread the flowers and beads onto the pipe cleaner till its as full as I want (I like mine really full).
Measure the size of head your going to put it on and twist the two ends together and I add a little hot glue to the ends to make sure they don’t come apart.
Time to add the ribbon to the back of the flower crown you can add beads to the ends to give it that cute look

Really easy and fun for the kids to help you create and wear all of July!!!

You can also add the little star garland to the crown.


4 of July Parade Bags

4 Of July Parade Bags


Sheet protector

Duct Tape


Findings and clasps

Jump rings

I take my page protector and cut it the size I want my bag to be, you can have any size you want.
I take my duct tape and rip the size needed to cover all the sides.
For the handle I tear a piece of duct tape and just fold it in half and fold the end around the jump ring so I can attach it to my bag.
Take a paper punch and punch a hole in the side of the bag so you can thread the jump ring through the hole, I like to reinforce the duck tape on the sides just so it’s really strong.
I add a bow made of duct tape to the front of the bag.

Time to add the little bling to the bag, I take my head pin string on the beads and add a clasp to the end this way you can clip it on your bag.

Little Tinker Pixies

Little Tinker Pixies

Good Things Utah

Lisa Berrett


Wood clothes pins

Wooden people


Floss in all colors





Hot glue gun

Q tips

Sharpie pen



I paint all my faces and bodies with my skin color paint.
And I like to paint the base with fun colors that match the dress.
Next I use a Q-tip and make the cheeks with a light pink.
I like to just add a small dot for the eyes, remember that everything is tiny so a little goes a long way.
For the dresses I cut a small piece of felt for the top of the dress and hot glue it to the top of the dress. You can use a piece of ribbon for this and that looks really cute.
For the dress I cut a 2 1/2 x 9 inch piece of material and gather it at the top and hot glue it on the bottom of the felt.
I like to add a little ribbon to the dress.
For the hair I cut the floss in half (this will make two) and braid the floss and tie it with ribbon and hot glue to the head
For the Tinker Pixies I just cut the middle of the flower so it will slide up the bottom and hot glue it to the bottom of the felt.
For the Tinker wings I just cut two of the flower peddles and glued them on the back of the Tinker.
I like to embellish the dresses with rhinestones and ribbon.

Have fun creating your little Tinker Pixies, your kids will play with these for hours and you might want to keep a set in your purse for the times you have to wait in a restraunt, Dr office, Church and long rides.


GTU and the "DIVAS"

Great day with these long time friends on the set of Good Things Utah... At the Scrapbook Expo today...

Cutest Yarn Easter Eggs

CUTEST Yarn Easter Eggs Ever

Good Things Utah

Lisa Berrett

Friday March 13th



Yarn all colors

Plastic eggs




Hot glue gun

I first cut a ton of yarn about 3 yards each so it was ready to add to the glue.
I hot glued all my eggs together because these ones I don’t want coming apart.
I added my glue to a bowl and added a little water till I got the thickness that I wanted.
Put some paper or a garbage bag on the table to cover all the spills and drips.
Add your yarn in the glue and start wrapping at the bottom of the egg and wrap till the whole egg is covered, you can wind it so it’s smooth or make it a little crazy, both look great.
Then while the egg is still wet this is when I sprinkle the glitter all around it.
I cut my wire about 12 inches long so I can make a swirl to hang it with.
I like to set my eggs on a wire mat or hang them up so they can dry without sticking.
When its dry this is when I add some beads to the wire and tie a ribbon to the top

This is such a fun project to create and the kids have a ball…It is messy but so worth it.

Leprechaun Catcher

Leprechaun Catcher

Good Things Utah

Friday March 6 2015

Lisa Berrett


10 inch clover

Fun foam or wood for the clover

Pop cycle sticks



Plastic hat (from dollar tree)

Green straw

Paint and paint brush

Green paint

Cardboard tube or toilet paper roll

Cut out your clover out of wood or fun foam
Paint your wood clover with green paint
Glue the hat on the board with your hot glue
Paint your tube
Wrap your pop cycle stick in the material and glue on your straws to make the ladder
Glue the beads on the bottom to make the pathway for the Leprechaun to walk on
Glue the tube on the board and tie the ribbon or material around the tube
Glue the coins on top of the tube

Now you have a place where the sneaky Leprechaun will want to come and once he is in the tube he can’t get out.

March Art Classes

March Art classes for this week...
Tuesday March 3rd 4:30-5:45 -Easter Jewelry and hair bows

Wednesday March 4th 4:30-5:45-Leprechaun catcher and home

Friday March 6th- I will have two classes
Duct Tape creations 2:30-3:45

Leprechaun catchers 4:30-5:45

Easter FUN

Easter fun
1/2 wood
sharpie pens

I first traced my pattern onto my 1/2 wood and cut, sanded it.
Painted the body white
Painted banner with blue
Painted his ears and cheeks with my stipple brush
Striped the shirt
Embellished with buttons and fun foam
Used my hot glue gun to glue the ribbon and bead on.