Crafts Fun and a little Pixie Dust

Crafts Fun and a little Pixie Dust
Askig Me Why I Create Is Like Asking Me Why I BREATHE

PVC Bow and Arrow



½ inch PVC pipe

Duct Tape

Pipe glue

Nylon Rope


½ inch Foam pipe covers

Embossing tool

Sand paper




1.      Cut your pipe into 3 equal pieces

2.      Heat up the PVC pipe in the middle it only takes a few minutes. Next bend it to the shape that you want be careful it’s HOT!

3.      Cut your Foam pipe cover about 6 inches and slide onto the middle of the Bow.

4.      Cut a one inch notch into the ends of the pipe. I used my scroll saw. Next place the knot into the slit. Pull tight and make sure the end won’t slip or come out.

5.      Sand the edges where you cut the PVC pipe so it’s smooth.

6.      Cut enough string so you have enough to tie a knot at each end of the bow and burn it so it won’t fray.

7.      Wrap Duct tape around each end of the Bow over the string so it won’t pop out.

8.      Add Duct tape around the foam so it keeps it in place. Now you can decorate your bow any way you like.

9.      I cut my dowels into 16 inches that seems to work good for my Arrows. I cut a slit in the end to fit over the string.

10.   For the end of the Arrow I glued on erasers and wrapped Duct Tape around to hold it tight.



·        One 10’ PVC pipe will make 3 bows. Cut it into three equal pieces.

·        Pull your string really tight and leave extra just in case you need to tighten it later.

·        It takes lots of practice but you will master it and have hours of fun.

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