Crafts Fun and a little Pixie Dust

Crafts Fun and a little Pixie Dust
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Cutest Yarn Easter Eggs

CUTEST Yarn Easter Eggs Ever

Good Things Utah

Lisa Berrett

Friday March 13th



Yarn all colors

Plastic eggs




Hot glue gun

I first cut a ton of yarn about 3 yards each so it was ready to add to the glue.
I hot glued all my eggs together because these ones I don’t want coming apart.
I added my glue to a bowl and added a little water till I got the thickness that I wanted.
Put some paper or a garbage bag on the table to cover all the spills and drips.
Add your yarn in the glue and start wrapping at the bottom of the egg and wrap till the whole egg is covered, you can wind it so it’s smooth or make it a little crazy, both look great.
Then while the egg is still wet this is when I sprinkle the glitter all around it.
I cut my wire about 12 inches long so I can make a swirl to hang it with.
I like to set my eggs on a wire mat or hang them up so they can dry without sticking.
When its dry this is when I add some beads to the wire and tie a ribbon to the top

This is such a fun project to create and the kids have a ball…It is messy but so worth it.

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