Crafts Fun and a little Pixie Dust

Crafts Fun and a little Pixie Dust
Askig Me Why I Create Is Like Asking Me Why I BREATHE

Wooden Puzzles

Christmas gift puzzles

GTU Friday Dec 12, 2014

Lisa Berrett


Photo of what you want to make into a puzzle

Mod podge

Paint brush

Sand paper

Wood I like 18 inch wood

I first find the perfect photo of what I want to turn into a puzzle and copy it out on my printer
Cut your wood to fit the photo I like to make mine just a little bigger than the photo so I have a little edge.
Sand the edges of your wood so there aren’t any sharp edges.
With your Mod podge add a little on the wood just to cover the wood ( less is better with this project)
Let it kind of dry a few minutes till its tacky then add your photo and press it out smoothly.
Now its time to draw your puzzle pieces onto your photo make sure it’s really dry. Any shape will work I just try not to go through a face.
I use my scroll saw to cut out my puzzle pieces if you don’t want to use wood you can use cardboard and that would be fun to.

Enjoy many many hours of fun




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