Crafts Fun and a little Pixie Dust

Crafts Fun and a little Pixie Dust
Askig Me Why I Create Is Like Asking Me Why I BREATHE

Creative Easter Baskets

On this bunny basket  fun foam head and feet
ears are made from wire and scraps of material
You don't have to add the feet and your basket looks just as cute
Easter baskets made from any container
This is time to be creative and let your kids help create
A basket they will treasure

Supplies needed for your bunny

8” Styrofoam ball
Beads fun colors to match your baskets
Pail, bucket, jar or any basket
Curly Chenille
Pink chenille stems
Pink paint or chalk
Pink pom poms
Pink marker
Pink fun foam
Tacky tape
2-3mm Easy eyes
1 piece of pink paper (for the lid)
 cute ribbon
Instructions for your bunny
1. Cut the Styrofoam ball so that it has a flat side to glue onto the lid
2. Cut out bunny ears and feet out of the pink fun foam, line around the edges
3. I like to use a black marker to line around the ears and feet
4. Cut a circle out of a cute paper (I traced the lid so it would fit just right)
5. Glue the paper down to the lid with hot glue or your fav glue
6. With puff paint any color you like, line around the ears and feet
7. using a dauber paint the cheeks
8. Glue the chenille around the top of the lid
9. Add ripped paper around the pail use tacky tape or hot glue on the ends of your paper
10. Time to add cute stickers to your pail, the kids will love this.
11. Cut a heart nose out of pink fun foam and add puff paint to the nose for a shiny look
12. Cut your pipe cleaners in half and stick in where you want whiskers
13. Glue on the bunnies eyes, ears, and feet
14. Tie a bow for the neck of your bunny or add it to your ear of the bunny
Easter baskets are so much fun to make…
You can use any container you have at home just go on a treasure hunt
And have fun creating.
Use ribbon, markers, glitter and stuff you have around the house to make this project

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