Crafts Fun and a little Pixie Dust

Crafts Fun and a little Pixie Dust
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Beaded Spiders for Halloween

GTU and lovin2bead......Halloween Spiders
PROJECT: Beaded Spiders
CRAFTER: Lisa Berrett

  • Beads a varity of sizes
  • 3 inch Head pins
  • Bead huggers
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Foam balls
  • Wire
  • Glue gun
  • Round nose pliers

  • First I gathered all my supplies together. You will need 8 3 inch head pins that you bead any way you want your legs of your spider to look. Set aside, and make sure you turn up the edge of the head pin.
  • For the body I use 12mm bead and for the head a 10 mm bead. I use bead huggers on each end of the bead, add the body, then string on the 8 head pins lined with your beaded legs
  • After I get the spider done I use a little hot glue right on the center. This will make the legs stay where you want them.

Styrofoam Spider:
  • Body is made from 2 inch Styrofoam ball. Head is 11/2 inch Styrofoam ball.
  • If you want to use wire instead of head pins just hot glue them in the body and add a bead on the end, this is cute too.
  • I added the Bead huggers on the front of the head and the back of the spider.
  • The legs are make from pipe cleaners. Cut in 3 inches, add on your beads, and twist the bottom so the beads don't fall off.
  • With a little hot glue, stick the legs right into the body so they stay put.
  • Add wiggly eyes and your spider is ready for Halloween

  • You can use glitter on the Styrofoam if you'd like a little bling.
  • Use wire instead of headpins and it looks cute too.

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