Crafts Fun and a little Pixie Dust

Crafts Fun and a little Pixie Dust
Askig Me Why I Create Is Like Asking Me Why I BREATHE

Beaded spiders and "crawley" things

  • Beads of all sizes for the body,head and legs
  • bead spacers
  • Head pins the long ones
  • wire
  • wiggly eyes
  • Styrofoam balls
  • hot glue gun
  • Bead huggers
  • pipe cleaners
Instructions for all beaded spider
  1. I used 3 inch head pins and started to layer my beads with my spacers, you want 8 of them and set aside
  2. Using one of my biggest beads 12mm for the body and 8mm for the head I lined them up on my head pin dividing them with my 8 head pins for the legs.
  3.  Then turned the tip of the head pin in using my pliers
  4. You will want to add a little hot glue to the legs once you get them how you like so they stay put
Foam spider
  1. Body is a 1 1/2 inch foam ball
  2. Head is a 1 inch foam ball you will want to hot glue them together
  3. for the spider legs I cut 8 3 inch pieces of pipe cleaner and added  3 beads to the legs,I added a small dot of hot glue and stuck them into the body so they didn't come out
  4. I used a bead hugger to the front of the head and the back of the spider and hot glued this on also, we don't want him coming apart
  5. 2 small wiggly eyes are always fun to add
This was such a fun craft project to do the kids loved helping! I will be showing how to do this on GTU #4  this Friday October 15 at 10am
Happy crafting

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